1. Anonymous said: how did you end up working with the big cats? Sounds like a kick ass job!

    Oh wow, how long as this ask been sitting in here? Sorry. 

    I knew for a while that I wanted to work with animals, probably in a rehab way, but didn’t really know how to go about it. I was actually doing research on my great-great-grandma who at 16 ran away and joined barnum and bailey as a lion tamer. I got side tracked on the internet and started looking up safe places where circus animals can go once the circus no longer wants them. I ended up finding Big Cat Rescue and reading more about the full mission and looked in to their bobcat rehab program. I applied and went for an interview like a month later and 100% fell in love. 


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    babies are so cute and dumb aww they have only like 3 skills its adorable 

    talking, breathing, archery (lv26)

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    tumblr staff

    im fucking crying at this effort they taped the cockroach and made a little tie the longer i look at this the funnier it gets


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    "stretched out tired on solid ground

    head wounds growing flower crowns”

    drawing some forest ghosts at night.

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    hey i used to b uglier believe it or not

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    why does this have 32k notes? it’s just a picture of a knife in a ranch bottle, is there some unspoken joke that 32 thousand people share? what is going on here, i dont get it. it’s just a fucking picture of a knife in a ranch bottle. is there some spiritual connection people have to this picture? is there some ominous and mystical reasoning that this has 32 thousand notes? do people reblog this because it makes them look like some indie blogger? or is there just something funny to this? someone please explain

    no one tell him

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